Adopt a Classroom


Trinity PC has adopted Ms. Tracey Sartoris' class this year!!


There are specific things that Tracey can use as she prepares our next generation of mathematicians!  If you are interested in 
making a monetary donation to help these kids, please make checks payable to Tracey Sartoris and drop it in the offering plate or leave it with someone in the church office.  Where and how is the money used? 


In Tracey's own words:


About My Project:  “I want to make sure my students have the materials and experiences they need to succeed, please help any way you can.  Due to the uncertainty of the 2020-2021 school year, I need to provide each student with their own supplies to help keep everyone safe.  This means each student needs a set of math base 10 manipulatives, fraction bars, and a pencil case with their own crayons, glue stick, and highlighter to use in their math notebook. These items provide hands-on learning for my students to help them understand concepts like place-value, decimals, equivalent fractions. We use them in small groups and students can use them at home to help with homework. Should we have online learning students can then following along with me while I
demonstrate a lesson. Each year I have my students create a math reference notebook on all the concepts I am teaching. They can then refer back to this notebook to help them if needed. Many of my 5th graders have kept their notebook and used it in 6th grade to help them, even adding to it!
Please help me provide these young learners with what they need to start the year off right.”    


Tracey Garrett Sartoris