Children's Church with Ms. Danette



Children's Church 2021




-------------------- Notes from Miss Danette --------------------


For whom:  Children Ages 4-12 who are potty trained

Will occur the 2nd Sunday of each month:


2021 Dates:

Jan 10

Feb 14

Mar 14

Apr 11

May 9

June 13

July 11

Aug 8

Sep 12

Oct 10

Nov 14

Dec 12



Parents/Grandparents/Caregivers will escort the child/children to the classroom prior to the start of the church service. The escort will be required to sign the child/children in, fill out a brief form with some pertinent information and provide a valid cell number where they can be texted if the child/children need to be collected early.

The escort will also need to pick the child/children up and sign them out at the end of the church service.

Children’s Church will consist of worship music, bible readings, a message, offering, a craft and a snack.

There will always be at least 2 adults in the classroom but parents/grandparents/caregivers are welcome and encouraged to join us for one or more Sundays a year just to see your child/children in their own Christian Learning Environment.

Please sign up with Danette if there are certain Sundays that you would like to be our special guest in the classroom.


*Children’s Chat will continue every remaining  Sunday as in the past

If anyone is interested in organizing/helping with childcare on Children’s Church Sundays in 2021, for those under 4 that are not quite focused enough to attend Children’s Church, please reach out to Danette