Covid-19 Updates

Some important things to know, to consider, to remember as we continue to operate in the green.


We are excited that we are together again!  After hearing the concerns voiced lately due to the number of reported Covid, we have decided that we will continue to give each other space inside church and also provide a solution for those who want to come but choose to remain outside listening on FM 107.3.   

It is important for everyone to know that for some this will be a difficult decision.  Whether or not to step out.  To step in.  It is exciting to think about seeing our family again.  But with that comes uncertainty.  And some see risk.  You need to know that if you are uncomfortable coming to Trinity at this time, it is OK.  We will still deliver services online @ or from Facebook - TrinityPC Butler. Those who come will pray for those who choose to wait.  We all belong here regardless.  We will celebrate when you do come.

There is information that is important for you to know as you consider returning.  Important for all of us to know.  Please click here and take the time to read some instructions for us all.  These are things that we do as we congregate anywhere.  We just highlight them as they are important for the sakes of courtesy and safety for us all.

We are excited! We're Glad You're Here, We think You belong here!!