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It is with gratitude and under His direction that Trinity commits your gift to God's work.


Enter an amount and select a frequency.

Anything that you enter into Notes will come back to you for your own records.

There is a selection to cover the processing fees of a credit card.  You will see the amount immediately if you check the box.  You can "un-check" the box also.

From here, the transaction is similar to any on line transaction.

Click the “Proceed to Payment” button.  On the next screen, you can log in to Paypal if you have an account and want to use it, or click “Pay with Debit or Credit  Card” to use a card. 

If you would like for an amount to be donated weekly or monthly, you will need to have or create a PayPal account to set up a subscription.  This is not hard to do.  Simply follow the instructions here or send a note to Bill Leffler.  He will respond to your email and he'll help.

Thank you.  You do belong here at Trinity!!!



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