Shop with Scrip


Welcome to Shop with Scrip! 



A fundraising opportunity that allows you to generate revenue for ministry.



What do you do?  Generally you buy gift cards for places where you shop every day like Giant Eagle, Walmart, Sheetz, or any of hundreds of other stores.  The amount that you pay for a gift card is the same as the amount that it is worth in the store.  This costs nothing to do but a little time getting started.  As you spend that same amount at the store, the company gives the church a percentage.  You can even refill gift cards on line.  

There are three ways to get started.  You can Register and join an existing program at - following instructions and using the enrollment code for Trinity which is EB6C25FF743L3. 

If you would prefer, you can order through Missy Hamilton. Email her at or call at (724) 602-7061.  Missy already has some cards that she purchased through the church and you might be interested in one that she already has.  She will help you to get started. 

Last but not least you can  download an app called  RaiseRight.  From here you can order cards that are sent to your house or even have the option to link to a bank account.  Again, Missy can help if you wish with what to do and what to expect.  

Trinity will use the funds to help fund our local mission projects, like the Community Dinner, the Care Closet, maybe start our own Community Dinner at Trinity, & any building improvements that are needed.

Use this for Christmas shopping!  Take a look at a gift guide for possible ideas.  Use it for regular life shopping also!  You will pay no more for anything than you would if you used other means. Trinity will be supported to do even more in the community through your efforts, though.  Sounds like a win-win!!

This just in -- Beginning November 28 and in to December:  Dazzle Days!  Some of the best offers of the year!!  Click here for more.

Bless you and thank you!