Shop with Scrip

Welcome to Shop with Scrip! 



A fundraising opportunity that allows you to generate revenue for ministry.



What do you do?  Generally you buy gift cards for places where you shop every day like Giant Eagle, Walmart, Sheetz, or any of hundreds of other stores.  The amount that you pay for a gift card is the same as the amount that it is worth in the store.  This costs nothing to use or to do but a little time getting started.  As you spend that same amount at the store, the company gives the church a percentage.  You can even refill gift cards on line using your PC or a phone.  

To get started you can simply email Missy Hamilton at  Missy will send you an invitation and help you  She will help you to get started. 

Trinity will use the funds to help fund our local mission projects, like the Community Dinner, the Care Closet, or maybe we'll start our own Community Dinner at Trinity. 

You will pay no more for anything than you would if you used other means. Trinity will be supported to do even more in the community through your efforts, though.  Sounds like a win-win!!